smallwalls is

Two artists and art educators, Mary and Gary Day, have returned to Florida for family, fishing, and making art. They established smallwalls in 2015 as an independent studio and exhibition space to pursue interests in a variety of mediums.

“I often refer to myself as a ‘one trick pony’ that has spent a career returning to the same concept through multiple subjects and a various mediums. Since 1975 I have been intrigued by the effect ‘noise’ has within systems and have used a variety of mediums and subjects to make work exploring that concept.  My early training was in printmaking and my primary medium is computer generated imagery (CGI) so the resulting work is usually a digital/traditional hybrid.”

Gary Day


Open studios: November to May, 5-9 first Wednesday and 11-4 third Saturdays. 

Open by appointment: Monday to Saturday. 402.415.6114 or